Legacy of a nasty virus

By AlbertLionheart
Aug 19, 2008
  1. The system is now clear of any infections or malware as it has been scanned within an inch of it's life. The user has admin rights.
    It all works properly except for some oddball thingies

    1) The menu items for My Computer, Control Panel, Printers & Faxes, Help & Support, Search and Run are all missing.
    2) In My Computer (access via an icon on the desktop) the icon for drive C: is missing.
    3) My Documens is available and appears complete
    4) The time marker on the taskbar has been extended to show 'virus alert'

    plus one or two other minor inconveniences.

    Any comment anyone - I am of a mind to reinstall the OS in the basis that this is so badly bent that this is the best option!
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