Lexmark and Vista, not a couple made in heaven

By BCantell
Mar 23, 2008
  1. Brand newbie here. I discovered this site while some Indian (as in India) from Dell was trying to help me with my problem. He was very nice and worked very hard, but in the end, was not able to fix. He searched this site for a clue, while operating my computer online. Don't think I'll do that again. My problem is I can't get my Lexmark X6170 to work with Vista Premium Home. I've downloaded from Lexmark's site, the driver they have for my printer + OS, but it won't install. I get to the Install screen and a popup tells me I need to reboot, so I reboot and try to install and same thing, popup tells me I need to reboot . Just keeps circling. Same thing with the cd that came with the lexmark. If I Plug & Play, Windows goes thru the proccess, tells me it was unable to install, then I go to Control Board\Printers and there it is. The scanner works, using Windows Photo, which is correct. The copier works and the print test page works, but the printer won't from the computer. If I highlight the printer and go to Properties\Print test Page, I get a error 0x00000006 message. If I try to print from Word or Notepad nothing happens, no error and no pending. I've spent HOURS with both Dell and Lexmark and both blame each other (actually Lexmark blames the OS and Dell blames the driver). I've uninstalled both printer and scanner and used Lexmarks clean up utility and then tried installing driver again, nope. I ran Windows Install clean up, did nothing for my problem. My much older Ebson works just fine. I thought I'd try this forum before I crush the Lexmark with my truck. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    is there any new firmware for the printer?
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    not for this model it seems
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