Lg laptop drivers

By ostilad
Jul 7, 2008
  1. BOW"
    greetings sensai.last time u solved my missing drivers for a packard bell laptop.this tym a friend of mine has told me he installed Windows xp and his sound,dvd i,games are not playing obviously thi means his drivers are missing s.the info he sent me is that it is an LG laptop mwith serial number702msra007574.can i be able to find drivers for this model using this info?and where?waitig for u'r reply."BOW"
    p.s:system model f1-2k29ab.other devices,video controller,sm bus controller,other pci bridge device,VGA ALLhave question marks.:rolleyes:
  2. LookinAround

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    In general, do the following steps
    1. Go to the home page for the computer manufacturer's website (in this case
    2. Somewhere on that site they offer a Support link for the computers
    3. Go to their support and identify the computer you have (they usually indicate several methods for you to identify the computer)
    4. They'll list and provide downloads for a number of different drivers for that computer. Find and install what you need
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