link to a layer in CSS with dreamweaver?

By zynizen
Apr 9, 2007
  1. sorry didn't know where else this post would fit in.. hope its in the right spot.

    I have a site designed, and put together in dreamweaver.

    the images are placed, I have a navigation set of images, and an area i want to use for content.

    My question is, when you have an image placed in the layout, how do you link to a layer to preview its contents instead of creating an old iframe code.

    So, to clarify, I have 4 images on the bottom of my layout, that I want to use as links to different sections of the site. I want these links to point to their respective pages, but I do not want to put an "iframe" in the top table data, because iframe's are old and not very efficient. I was thinkin of using layers to do this and just show the layer on the screen.

    thanks for your help.
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