Linksys Wireless N router asks for password?

By pyromaster114
Jun 1, 2008
  1. Okay, so I bought a new Wireless N router (WRT600N) from Best Buy today, after my Wireless G router decided to go nuts on me.

    I got it set up and it works fine for B/G devices, but I set up the Wireless N part, and tried to connect to it with my newest laptop... I click the SSID name that I set for the 5GHz band, and it says "You may need to enter additional information or select a pass key to access this network" or something like that... and the choices Windows Vista Ultimate gives me are:
    Enter/Select Additional Log-On information
    Connect to a Different Network
    Screenshot of choice prompt:

    If I select the first one (cause duh... i want to connect to that network... ) it brings up this box asking for me to type in a Username, a Password, and a Domain.

    What did I do wrong? I told the router in the web-config utility to use WEP not some other weird thing...
    What am I supposed to put in that box?
    This is the box it gives me:

    What did I do? How do I fix it?
  2. pyromaster114

    pyromaster114 TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 246

    Okay, so I've gotten somewhere with this after messing with it for a few hours:

    I've figured out the following things:
    1) Wireless N 5.0 GHz DOES NOT WORK WELL when told to use WEP encryption.
    Solution: Change to WPA2-Personal AES Encryption.

    2) Wireless N 2.4 GHz will not give you the full speed if you're using WEP encryption.
    Solution: Change to WPA2-Personal AES Encryption.

    3) Wireless N routers are a pain in the @$$, but faster than the older B/G ones.
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,383   +105

    Yes WPA or WPA2 solves a lot of problems.. N is still in Draft Mode so it's not standardized yet.. G has been around for years so that is standard.
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