linksys wrt54gs and wmp54gs

By jppranker
Jul 19, 2006
  1. I have wrt54gs router and a wmp54gs wireless card. I am trying to network two PCs. I have got internet sharing working but have not been able to get file sharing working. Linksys will not support this. I have one PC cat5 to the router and the other through the wireless card. I was wondering is there anyway to file share with between my PCs both are xppro sp2. I have tried to disable the linksys software on the wireless pc and then use windows wireless zero. It just keeps saying there are no networks available. I can not get the network wizard to work on the wireless machine it errors out. I am sure there is answer in a post here but I have not found it was hoping someone could give me some pointers. Thanks
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    tried it no go
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    If you've tried the simple stuff i.e turn off all windows / norton firewalls etc and still no luck - best thing you can do is reformat each machine so its all clean.

    I get alot of machines that will not network for absolutely no reason (no firewalls etc) but have become so corrupt they just will not file share. As soon as XP is reinstalled its there straight away + you have the bonus of a clutter free PC

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