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By Tom Mask
Aug 9, 2007
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    I finally got linux installed on my new laptop (Yay!) . But I cant seem to connect to my wireless network at home. I have no idea why this could be! It works fine whenever I access my Vista partition. Does anyone have any ideas why this could be?

    I have an HP Pavilion, Intel Centrino Dual core processor, a 140 GB HDD partitioned into 80 (Vista) / 50 (Fedora 7) / 10 (Recovery)

    My Mac-based family set up an Airport set up at my house that's WEP protected. The problem is that when I use the WEP password on my Linux side, it says "Configuring wlan(0)" but stops when it gets to 57% saying "configuring IP address". I can't seem to figure out whats causing it, anyone got any ideas?

    Please help, Thanx.

  2. Tom Mask

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    I dont know what happened in that first paragraph, but its only supposed to say the first two words (Hey all,) so Sorry if that confuses anyone.

    Also, I can connect to the internet fine if i plug in through the ethernet. But Its a hassle to do. I'd appreciate some input :3 thanx!
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