Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up

By Bum Scoop
Nov 9, 2014
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  1. Own HP Envy with 1TB HDD with 18GB SSD. Recently have experienced interrupted boot up with computer going in to loop as it moves through the initial process which is truncated and the system restarts. Have found that the system reports that the HDD/SSD is locked and I am told to unlock to continue normal boot up.

    Two questions: what could have caused this problem and what procedure can I use to correct (unlock hard drive) and ensure that it does not happen again. Of note, even though this computer only has a couple hundred hours running time it has been a constant problem. Initially upon starting out the box I had to replace the DVD optical drive, then I had to conduct a recovery with the help of Microsoft and HP, had to open and re-seat the video card and now this problem. I forgot I was also having a problem with MS OS conducting an upgrade request search on a continual basis every 6 seconds which caused a mini browser reset and interfered with typing passwords.
  2. Tmagic650

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    This could be caused by an impending failure of the 1 TB hard drive. The 18GB SSD is only used for data caching...

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