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Locked out of Windows 10 offline account, what can I do?

By Ijacnlly ยท 18 replies
Mar 7, 2017
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  1. Hello, I was locked out of my laptop with Windows 10 OS, it's local logon password not MS online account. I tried to boot from safe mode but still ask me password. Is there any way that can reset or remove the password without reinstalling system?
  2. GreenArrow

    GreenArrow TS Enthusiast Posts: 52   +33

    When I used to fix computers for family and friends I would use Trinity Rescue Kit to reset the password. you can use that or ophcrack or similar software to reset the the password. simply put it on usb using the documented method and boot of usb.
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  3. Se7entijz

    Se7entijz TS Rookie

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  4. rrumaner

    rrumaner TS Rookie

    I just write it down on a post-it note and stick it to the computer. Of course, I work from home so I only have myself to blame if I get hacked by my family. :)
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  5. Soulburn74

    Soulburn74 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Pogostick was always the simple go to, as it a linux boot up disk that fit on a floppy (or CD/DVD/USB), but for 'official' software, you can use a microsoft DaRT disk.
  6. lipe123

    lipe123 TS Evangelist Posts: 703   +232

    Two ways,

    1. IF your bios is set to allow old school devices to boot (CSM enabled):
    use the hirens boot cd/usb and use the windows password changer that comes with that on the first screen.

    2. IF you have a new computer and it will not boot up older devices:
    boot the computer up with a windows install disk, choose repair and get to a command prompt.

    rename the :\windows\system32\utilman.exe to utilman.old and then make a copy of cmd.exe and rename the copy to utilman.exe.

    reboot your computer and on the login screen click the little icon at the bottom right for the accesibility options and violla you'll get a admin command promt

    Now create a new admin user with:
    net user test /add
    net localgroup administrators test /add

    restart again and log in with the "test" user, then simply change the pwd on your old user that you forgot the pwd on to nothing and you're done.
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  7. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,485   +205

    Good list guys, don't give out all the secrets. This is what some of us get paid to do. :cool: lol

    Of course I came here thinking this was some article because it was posted on the front page.... however, I realize it's a person asking for help and I am happy to see people helping. I could not give better advice than some of the members already in here.

    the utilman.exe trick
    bootable software
    booting into safe mode and using netuser in cmd.
    I use Active @ Boot disk... it has a windows password program with several options to activate the admin account or blank the password, anything really.
    ...and more
  8. EClyde

    EClyde TS Guru Posts: 873   +238

    Password? For Windows? Balderdash
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  9. Ijacnlly

    Ijacnlly TS Member Topic Starter

  10. TheDreams

    TheDreams TS Addict Posts: 625   +68

    I prefer to use Hirens, pretty easy to use.
  11. GeforcerFX

    GeforcerFX TS Evangelist Posts: 515   +155

    I boot to a windows install disc, hit Shift + F10 to bring up command find what drive windows is on using DISKPART (list volumes) rename sethc, to setch.back, copy cmd and rename it sethc then reboot. All of the stuff I just did in command can be done in notepad if you want a GUI, just type in notepad once you have the cmd line open and then go to File then open, make sure to have it set to all files in the drop down list. When you are at the login screen hit shift until the cmd prompt comes up type net user (your user) Pass, hit enter, if it was successful it will say so. Then type Pass into the password prompt on the login screen. This only works on local accounts in windows 8/10 in my testing, but I have had around a 95% success rate with the 100 times I have had to do it for family, friends, customers.
  12. Soulburn74

    Soulburn74 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    If you work for a company that has volume licensing for Microsoft, you can download the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for SA 2015. With this software you can build a Windows 10 boot disk that has a password manager (you can reset passwords, blank them, or change the password). There are some hoops to jump through to get the bootdisk built, but its officially supported my M$, and works with builds of windows 10 up to annivesary edition (I just used it last week for a personal client).
  13. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,315   +405

  14. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,348   +64

    I just did this for a girl and got a free windows 7 laptop from her for doing it. Different from previous work where I'd get paid $5 for a half hour and then do another hour and a half from another woman. When I repaired color tvs in the 60 which broke as often as these computers (every 2 months, coincidence) I got $50 as the tv man would charge $150. In my window 8 installation, for some reason I have in on the microsoft server and the password sometimes gets changed by microsoft and I can't log on. It then gets changed back. Also, microsoft is supposed to allow relay access to their hotmail/outlook servers and whenever it is accessed by someone else besides me they want the password changed. I then had google's servers and they got too secure after about a year, so I now have to have my own email server like hillary clinton for my android apps. If I ever hired someone to write these apps and I didn't know anything about them, microsoft and especially google require changes almost every 3 months for things like above and like nonsense privacy statements. It seems like I'm kind of blacklisted by google android play as if I put in the exact name of my app, 10 nonsense garbage apps appear ahead of it that are quite dissimilar to the item searched for. Pretty noncompetitive search algorithm.
  15. TheDreams

    TheDreams TS Addict Posts: 625   +68

    Use this step-by-step guide for quick and simple password reset using Hiren's BootCD.
  16. udenyyp

    udenyyp TS Rookie

    You can also get into computer by activating the default admin account.
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  17. Ijacnlly

    Ijacnlly TS Member Topic Starter

    but how to activate admin account?
  18. Ijacnlly

    Ijacnlly TS Member Topic Starter

    I tried Hiren's bootcd, but it keeps saying "not table found".
  19. Paul725

    Paul725 TS Rookie

    It worked flawlessly on my computer. I am back in! Thanks very much!

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