Locking up while partitioning

By twilson17
Nov 30, 2004
  1. Trying to repartition a 2 Gig HD. Used debug to successfully wipe out the previous data on the drive. Booted up using Win98. Used fdisk to partition (Y for using the large data) and it begins but stops after reaching 21%. Left it running overnight in case it just took a long time. After lunch today rebooted and used fdisk/status which showed 2102 kb available with 0% used. Tried again but still stopped at 21%. The HD is still spinning and the light is on. Help! What should I try now? Thanks.....
  2. Nodsu

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    You might have a bad sector or some other malfunction. Try running HD diagnostics and make sure BIOS has the drive configured correctly. Download the HD test software from the HD manufacturer or use the UBCD:
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