Login Server Error - "Server Terminated"

By rax1418
May 17, 2009
  1. Hey,

    I'm trying to build a Lineage 2 private server using the legal emulation software known as L2Jfree but I seem to be encountering an error at a certain step in the process.

    I've been having problems using the startLoginServer.bat file. I get this error every time:

    I've followed the instructions of multiple tutorials and I've Googled my **** off for a fix for this but to no avail. I have a hunch that it could be a problem with ports? My Windows XP Service Pack Edition 3 desktop PC is connected to a broadband Comcast internet connection through a modem and then a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router. (Model: WRT54G) I mean it may have something to do with the fact that I'm using a router. The router is there so that 1 other computer in my house can also connect to the internet, only wirelessly.

    I just keep getting that "server terminated" message every time that I try to start up the Login Server.

    Here's what my file & file look like:

    # This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection for your server.
    # Usually you have to change the ExternalHostname option to
    # - (if you want to play alone / testing purpose)
    # - LAN IP* (if you want to play from another computer in the network)
    # - WAN IP** (if you want to play with friends over internet)
    # - Questions? => [url][/url]
    # * = If you want to get your LAN IP, simply choose "Start" => "Run..." then type "cmd" => "ipconfig"
    # **= If you want to get you WAN IP, visit [url][/url]
    # ===================================================================================================
    # ================================================================
    # General server setting!!! REQUIRED to configure to everyone!!!
    # ================================================================
    # Bind ip of the gameserver, use to bind on all available IPs
    GameserverHostname =
    GameserverPort = 7777
    # This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname
    ExternalHostname =
    # This is transmitted to the client from the same network, so it has to be a local IP or resolvable hostname
    InternalHostname =
    # Note: You can define server hostname for each network in
    # The Loginserver host and port
    LoginPort = 9014
    LoginHost =
    # This is the server id that the gameserver will request (i.e. 1 is Bartz)
    RequestServerID = 1
    # If set to true, the login will give an other ID to the server if the requested ID is allready reserved
    AcceptAlternateID = True
    # Database info
    Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    # Driver = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    # Driver =
    URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/l2jdb
    # URL = jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/l2jdb
    # URL = jdbc:sqlserver://localhost/database=l2jdb/user=sa/password=
    # Database user info (using root user is not recommended)
    Login =root
    Password =apples
    MaximumDbConnections = 50
    # Datapack root directory, defaults to current directory from which the server is started
    # DatapackRoot = H:/workEclipse/L2J Free/trunk/L2_DataPack_CT2
    # Define character name template
    # These ones are regular expressions, visit [url][/url] for details
    # Note: Checking lengths are done server side, but keep it in pattern for future purposes
    # Character name ( Default [A-Za-z0-9-]{3,16} )
    CnameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9-]{3,16}
    # Pet name ( Default [A-Za-z0-9-]{3,16} )
    PetNameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9-]{3,16}
    # Clan and ally name ( [A-Za-z0-9 -]{3,16} )
    ClanAllyNameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9 -]{3,16}
    # Title ( [A-Za-z0-9 -\\[\\]<>\\(\\)\!|]{3,16} )
    TitleTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9 -\\[\\]<>\\(\\)\!|]{3,16}
    # Maximum number of chars per account - 0 = illimited - default = 7
    CharMaxNumber = 7
    # Define how many players are allowed to play simultaneously on your server.
    MaximumOnlineUsers = 100
    # Minimum and maximum protocol revision that server allow to connect.
    # You must keep MinProtocolRevision <= MaxProtocolRevision.
    MinProtocolRevision = 1
    MaxProtocolRevision = 999
    # ---------------------------------------------
    # Safe Reboot configuration
    # ---------------------------------------------
    # This will prevent some exploit during restart/shutdown process
    SafeReboot = True
    # To use following options, SafeReboot must be set to True
    # Time in seconds before server complete shutdown/reboot, when
    # following striction take effect
    SafeRebootTime = 10
    # Disable item enchant
    SafeRebootDisableEnchant = True
    # Disable players teleportations
    SafeRebootDisableTeleport = False
    # Disable craft and crystallize
    SafeRebootDisableCreateItem = False
    # Disable trades and shops
    SafeRebootDisableTransaction = False
    # Disable actions between players
    SafeRebootDisablePcIteraction = False
    # Disable actions on NPC
    SafeRebootDisableNpcIteraction = False
    # Flood Protection
    # If enabled players which send more then PACKETLIMIT packets in PACKETTIMELIMIT ms will get kicked
    FloodProtection = False
    # Set the initial size of the flood protector (should equal ~player count)
    FloodProtectorInitialSize = 50
    PacketLimit = 500
    PacketTimeLimit = 1100
    # Network traffic optimization: minimum time between sending char's hp/mp status update packet.
    NetworkTrafficOptimization = True
    NetworkTrafficOptimizationMs = 800

    # ================================================================
    # General login server setting !!! REQUIRED to configure to everyone !!!
    # ================================================================
    # Bind ip of the loginserver, use to bind on all available IPs
    # The port, ip on which login will listen for GameServers
    # If set to true any GameServer can register on your login's free slots
    AcceptNewGameServer = False
    # If false, the licence (after the login) will not be shown
    ShowLicence = True
    # Database info
    # Useable values: "True" - "False", use this option to choose whether accounts will be created
    # automatically or not.
    # The delay in minutes after which the login updates the gameservers IP's (usefull when their ip is dynamic)
    # (0 = disable)
    # ==============================================================
    # Test server setting, shoudnt be touched in online game server
    # ==============================================================
    Debug = False
    Assert = False
    Developer = False
    # Enforce GG Authorization from client
    # Login server will kick client if client bypassed GameGuard authentication
    #FloodProtection. time in ms
    #Ban management
    # number of attempt before a user is banned when he fails his login
    # Time you won't be able to login back again after LoginTryBeforeBan tries to login. Provide a value in seconds. Default 10min. (600)
    Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you.
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