Logitech unveils the G402 Hyperion Fury, dubbed the "fastest gaming mouse ever made"

By Shawn Knight
Jul 30, 2014
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  1. Logitech on Wednesday announced the G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS gaming mouse, a pointer that the company claims is the fastest mouse on the planet with tracking speeds of more than 500 inches per second.

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  2. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,561   +862

    Reading this I was not expecting a $60 asking price. color me impressed.
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  3. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,631   +432

    I paid $90 for my Kone XTD. 500/ips sounds like something that could get out of hand like these mice with crazy high max DPI support.

    Ah, a look at the G:
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  4. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 708   +168

    Logitech just doesn't make mouses that interest me anymore. It's a shame because my G5 broke last weekend and I was forced to switch to my back up SteelSeries Diablo III mouse.
  5. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar TS Evangelist Posts: 6,477   +965

    Yeah $60 isn't bad.
  6. I guess you also take your virus with you. hahahaha.

    When hackers figure out how to load virus instead of settings on the mouse and I don't know own your mouse so you can miss things during game. I just love dip switch instead of software. Old school is best hahahaha.
  7. I guess chinese child labor pays off in some areas. hahahaha
  8. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,218   +1,244

    Yep that's going to happen.
  9. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 8,558   +2,900

    That really means nothing without a defined DPI.

    Besides what is the point in having a mouse that will track faster than the monitor refresh rate? I can't help but think this is a pointless sales pitch.
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  10. trgz

    trgz TS Booster Posts: 153   +23

    and who's to say it will play happily every game anyway - both my Logitech G5, and to a lesser extent, RAT7 have had issues with update rates in certain games
  11. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 6,514   +2,058

    It's supposed to be primarily a FPS mouse yet it's covered head to toe in macro buttons and has a skinny smooth scroll wheel?... Looks to me they've missed the goalposts a tad here.
    Back in the day Logitech mice were the 'go to' mice now it looks and sounds like they're getting desperate. There are a gazillion great mice out there and Logitech has lost it's lustre.
    That said the price looks fair but I'll stick with what I'm happy with.
  12. My serial mouse + aimbot will defeat this mouse.
  13. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar TS Evangelist Posts: 6,477   +965

    Oh gosh xD.

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