Loigtech z5500 issues

Apr 2, 2007
  1. Well today ive noticed im not getting no sound from my right rear speaker at all everything else no problem now i called logitech tech support they told me plug in my ipod to the black wire so i did and same issue only left rear works nothing for rear right then i plugged in the speaker into a diffrent port in the sub wont turn on.What could of caused this issue playing it to loud?something over heated the speaker etc?anyway they told me i can return 2 parts and get a brand new set which im going to do.but any help would be great thanks
  2. RAMBO29

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    Hi I also own a Altec Lansing System.
    It need 3 wired to work properly.Its 3 inputs.So when u plug one wire to input,only two or may be one will work.Try to get the ipod output as input to a computer and get output from computers 5.1 card to Z5500.Should Help.
    Best of Luck.PM me if it persists.
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