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  1. Ok so i know i should just upgrade my motherboard, RAM and processor but dont really have the money to do so. I am looking at the Pentium D processors for my Gigabyte motherboard. Here is a link with compatable processors listed:

    The Pentium D 950 is the highest on the list compatable.

    There all pretty cheap online, just wondering which one to get. Thanks
  2. EXCellR8

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    Yea you don't have a lot of options for processors, so I would just opt for the one you picked. If they are cheap enough it will suffice until you can upgrade. Personally, I would try to find an even cheaper used chip to use, unless you need a new cooler as well.

    The 945 seems to have the same credentials, so you could look for either...
  3. LightningSeed

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    Yeh i mean the D 945 go for about £30-£40 on ebay which is cheap and there are quiet a few. Anyone have experience with the D? Since its meant to be 'dual' core.
  4. winterwolf1223

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    I have a pent D dual core 3.2 ghz. Works perfectly well for everyday computing. I can even play gmes in normal settings with a 1gb grahics card. Ifyou are using the computer for regular computing it should be good enough till u have the money for a big upgrade. Only time it slows down was when im scanning for viruses and gaming or when im doing windows update

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