Looking for $350 laptop

By ikesmasher
Dec 25, 2011
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  1. I just want to be able to play Skyrim, maybe BF3, and maybe MW3 on lowish/mediumish settings. (my terrible HD3450 can handle skyrim on lowest settings in windowed mode at 30+ FPS)
    i will be doing a little bit of low poly modeling/rendering.
    Those are pretty much the most expensive tasks i will be doing..
    also multitab browsing, music, movies,
    I was going for a 400 dollar A6-3400m, but those are NEVER in stock and my budget decreased. what is my best bet?
    i would prefer new, but if its a REALLY good deal, i will buy anything, most preferably with some kind of warranty.

    my current build is
    phenom 9550 quad core, (dont expect laptop to be as good, even though original phenom is meh)
    HD3450 (terrible, hoping for better)
    6 GB DDR2 (I can upgrade, and new ones are DDR3)
  2. Ciaran21255

    Ciaran21255 TS Rookie

    il do some looking around, its really hard to find a laptop of a $350 budget, to be able to play all those games, just dont get your hopes up. maybe if you saved up to $500 you might get one that would do the job, aneway, il do some looking around


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