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By FyzTech
Jun 8, 2009
  1. hello... i have a problem here.... i have already use this computer for about 5 years, and now i have a sound problem.. started 1 week ago, everytime i open some website and playing games. the sound just suddenly off. i don't know why. first, before i open the website and playing games, the sound worked just fine. but, after i have reboot my computer, the sound on again... but still, when i open the website and playing games, i lost the sound again... any help???? thanks
  2. anybodykilla

    anybodykilla TS Rookie Posts: 27

    Hmm, I'm not One One Those Nifty Techspot Specialists But What Kind Of Soundcard Do you Got?
    Start/settings/control panel/soundsAndAudioDevices/Hardware Tab/ ~ Look At What You Got. Then Put It On Here. You May Have To Update The Sound Driver. If You Want To Save Time, Go Into All Of That But Where You See Your Audio Device Click On Properties Then Go To Driver, Then Click On Update Driver. It Wouldn't Hurt To Update The Driver If It Could Be Updated. Whether It Will Help Or Not.
  3. FyzTech

    FyzTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Vinyl AC'97 codec combo driver WDM

    where can i get the update? any idea? thanks anyway...
  4. FyzTech

    FyzTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    new discovery, i can try to turn the sound on again just with change the device volume from full to 0 than to full again.. but then if i play again, the sound off again. especially for warcraft 3. the sound become very unstable ( noise bad )
  5. FyzTech

    FyzTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well... i've already update the sound card... but it doesn't solve it yet.... just i've told before.. now, i've discover how to make the sound work again... but still. i can playing games. now, opening web didn't make the sound off. just games. such as MOF and RO too... all of them provide a bad sound and noise.... HELP!!!
  6. anybodykilla

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    Hmmm, Do You Think Perhaps It Has Something To Do With The Kind Of Internet Explorer Your Using?
    If You Are Running Regular I.E. Maybe Try Getting Firefox Or Safari And Then Try Keeping A Game Open And The Web At The Same Time. Or If You Are Running Safari Or Firefox Maybe Try It With Regular I.E. ? Also Doesn't Having A Web Page Open Make You Lag In Full Screen Games? It Does For Me.
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