Lost drivers?

By royalmiss
Mar 1, 2009
  1. My computer has a dvd rom and a cd rw. I took out the dvd rom and put in a hp writer. When I tried to install the software for the writer I wasn't getting any response, my computer never recognized the new hardware. I called hp, they told me to call dell and ask for the "cable select feature, IDE channel?" So I called dell, got some guy I could barely understand and he kept me on the phone plugging and unplugging the writer etc.... Now he says my mother board is faulty and tried to sell me parts!! So i pulled the dvd writer back out and put the rom back in. Now I don't see the d or e drivers in my computer. Plus the cd and dvd are not working except they do have power. Oh by the way, the tech from dell had me look in the configuration by pushing F2 at start up and it said everything is off but the hard drive. He then had me hold alt and push e, then f, and finally b. Did this do something to my computer?
    I'm obviously NOT a computer geek, but I can be walked through to fix something.
  2. kimsland

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    All your Dell drivers are here:

    Also run this and then restart to hopefully get your CD drives back, (choose your Operating System)



    As for F2 to get into system Bios Setup screen, when first booting your computer
    Just running Setup defaults should work

    Lastly if all of the above doesn't work, then you may have plugged them back in incorrectly or to the wrong end of the data cable
    Or the drives just suddenly died
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