Lost Monitor Signal: Did I fry it?

By favoritepsalm1
Aug 19, 2008
  1. My mother-in-law had an old Presario 7360 running XP Home with only 56 MB RAM. I tried to install a linksys wireless PCI card, and lost signal to the monitor. Plus the PC automatically powers on when I plug it in. I removed the PCI card, but nothing changed. Did I fry the memory? The motherboard? Please tell me all I need is memory and/or a video card.
  2. Raidur

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    I'd start off with trying a different monitor, or test that monitor on a different computer, if you haven't already. :)

    I'm pretty sure a wide number of things can cause loss of video, but I would try using a single one of your ram sticks, (assuming you have 2 separate sticks in your computer) making sure you try it in both ram slots on your mobo.

    Also if you have another power supply I'd try plugging that in. Maybe that extra card you plugged in was too new, or simply just fried your old psu. =P *shrug

    I would probably also try clearing the CMOS.

    As far as it turning on automatically when you plug in the power cord, I haven't come across that before in my personal experience.

    I wouldn't go buying anything yet (if you can even find much for that pc) until you get another opinion, just giving you some ideas to try since it looks like I'm your first reply.
  3. nickc

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    56 meg of mem will hardly boot an XP system. get more, then star where Raidur is.
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