Low fps in Team Fortress 2

By 1337h4x0r
Apr 4, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I've been doing alot of reading and have tried several things to fix this issue and have been unsuccessful. Sure you've heard it before, low fps, blah blah.

    System specs:

    Celeron D 3.33 ghz cpu
    XFX 9600 GT video card
    pc chips p53g mobo
    2x1 gb DDR2 667mhz ram
    550 watt power supply(low end no name brand)
    250 maxtor sata hd

    all settings are set to the lowest possible, vsync is off, even have tried an fps config and dropped my dx level to 8. :|

    i have the latest drivers from the nvidia web site for the card as well.

    normally i'll get about 20 fps in game, which is just ridiculous, and then drops down to the low teens when i start getting in a server with about 8 total players. i tried everything i can think of other than upgrading the cpu but i don't understand why my system seems so choked. i'm about to upgrade my cpu to a dual core but i'm worried about sacrificing performance on games such as TF2 that don't support dual cores.

    any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tim_tank

    tim_tank TS Rookie

    that is weird lol umm my friend has a comp with a worse vid card then you i think he's go the 9400 ATI with the same specs pretty much.. alll he has is i tihnk 800 Watt power supply. dont that that is ur prob tho :p so im not sure ..maybe try lowering the amount of processes your running while playing TF2..that might help a bit.
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