Lycos Sidesearch virus

By oldlows
May 8, 2004
  1. I've had same difficulty with Lycos Sidesearch installing itself while I was accessing an unrelated site after which it would keep popping up for permission to access. This after it installed itself. Another correspondent said it was easy enough to uninstall. However, I've not found that to be true as uninstall process does not take it out of the Windows system with a result that it pops right back in again. Also, internet access has slowed to a snails pace -- slower that the old dial up I use to have. (I now have broadband.) Additionally, any internet site I had an account with (i.e. had a log-in name) is no longer accessible. Clarification: I can access the site but cannot log in! This is a tremendous problem considering banking, stock companies, etc. I need access to!!! And, WORSE OF ALL is I ran a virus scan and found one of the agents that uses Lycos created a total mess. Although my virus protector deleted the virus, it could not undue the damage. I've run a search and deleted everything I could find, including many of the favorites I had saved. But two are installed in my Windows system and cannot be deleted. They are Sah Agent (Shop at Home) (which I've NEVER accessed) and something termed "Esshared.Dll" So now I sit with no access to my internet accounts and a virus that cannot be gotten rid of unless I wipe my entire computer and start over. Something has got to be done to warn others about this search engine that allows others to encrouch and disable computers -- and without any knowledge. I do not know who to report this to. Please someone, post a reply IMMEDIATELY so this thing can be stopped!!! Chip
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