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By hewybo
Jul 2, 2007
  1. For numerous reasons too long to go into, I recently ran the Windows Update on my XP Pro disc. The embedded browser was IE6, and Media player was v. 9. Downloaded/installed IE7 and Media Player 11. No problem yet. Then, because of the age of my install disc, I was 77 updates/security fixes short. They will not install. These fixes had been installed previously with no problem, and nothing has changed on my system. The OS is genuine - M$ confirms it, but the error message says "because of a problem with your computer, the updates cannot be installed."

    Have tried many times, turned off third party AV and firewall (BitDefender 10) - same result every time. Could find no KB's at M$; nothing similar on Google.

    Anybody know a workaround for this?:blackeye:
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    'Please be more careful'

    Since most of those pointers (if not all) are applicable to XP I don't see the problem - many of the related MS articles simply say applicable to Windows Update , NOT just Vista.

    However, I get the message.
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    the page clearly says
    Troubleshoot problems with installing updates

    Applies to all editions of Windows Vista.
    Which edition of Windows Vista am I using?​
    and the most relevant topic offered is Vista specific.

    Would cause me concern or possibly an emotional outburst if this were my topic.
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    So - anyone got ideas that help?
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