MAdvLock by far the best security app for your iphone

By Kurt
Mar 18, 2009
  1. Hey just got this app name AdvLock from cydia,which is a great security allows you to password protect Apps from cydia,installer and also the app store.
    in my few days of using this app i realize it was way better than the parental control lock for the iphone,it allows you to lock every app installed on your iphone.for example you can put a lock for your sms only,just so nobody could view your private messages.that`s just a few benefits of using this app,please visit the website

    here is instruction on how to install mAdvLock v1.0 on iPhoneOS 2.0-2.2:
    1) Jailbroken iPhone (3G iPhone)
    2) Launch Cydia, and Choose the Utilities Category
    3) Choose mAdvLock and install
    if you have any problems or questions
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