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By gilloz
Aug 10, 2008
  1. I have created some MP3 CD's from 33 1/3 records. There is an average of 195 music files per CD. How would I go about to make a hard copy list of all the files that are recorded on each CD?
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    Thanks Kimsland for your reply. I found a Freeware program called Karen's Directory Printer. It did the job fast and easy. Thought I'd give you the feedback for future use. Thanks again.
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    Even though you seem to have found your solution, I thought I'd post the links to two lovely pieces of freeware I use just in case anyone should need something more advanced.

    There's a very simple app called Primitive Disk Indexer, you can use it for basic needs such as saving and publishing the file structure of any disk with an interface much like Windows explorer.

    And then, there's the Swiss Army Knife of CD cataloguing, Visual CD, that provides a wide range of features from indexing any drive and CD's files and folders with multiple catalogues management and advanced searches to amazing advanced features like finding duplicates, indexing the files in archives like rar or zip, advanced multimedia files management, including thumbnailing of pictures, videos and mp3, generation of mp3 playlist with tag support, indexing of duration and quality of video /audio files.

    And all freeware... believe me, I looked for CD cataloguers for a long time but I have not used any other since I have found those two!

    Hope it helps.

    edit; oops, seems I'm not able to post links. You can find both appz on Softpedia. I'll try to send the links by PM and come back in a few days when I have enough posts to edit the links in.
  5. kimsland

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  6. Toasterfraker

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    thanks for the links Kimsland :)
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