Malefunctioning external hard drive

By Idan Perl
Apr 8, 2016
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  1. Hi all,

    I have a Western Digital "My Book Essential" external hard drive, which seems to have stopped working. More specifically, I plug it into my laptop and nothing happens.

    *My laptop runs Windows 8. Is it relevant?

    * It used to work fine with my PC. I don't know if it would still work fine, since I don't have this PC anymore. That PC ran windows 10.

    * The cable is probably not the problem, since I tried another cable and it didn't help.

    * I tried different usb sockets, and it didn't help.

    * I tried to connect it to two other computers, one runs Ubuntu, and the other runs windows 7, and it didn't help

    * Having said all that, it happened once that I plugged it to my laptop and everything actually worked just fine. I opened disk management, and it was written there that the disk is "healthy". This made me think that the drive is fine and this problem might be easily fixed somehow. After plugging it out and back in, the problem was back.


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