Malware infected, log posted

By winjas
Jun 30, 2008
  1. Hoping someone can help please, my pc with all my data is acting very odd.
    Most of my applications wont run? They dont even do anything if you click on them?
    Websites all seem to jump to some page advertising anti-spyware software (how ironic). Many EXE files wont do anything either? My pc is kind of crippled.
    I couldnt get hijackthis to run at all, i can click on it and again nothing happens.
    However i see a post suggesting Deckards Scanner so heres my logs below, i can see a few dodgy looking .dll files but how can i clean it please?

    EDIT: Just seen i cant post logs as too long, heres trying to attach them?
  2. Blind Dragon

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  3. winjas

    winjas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Apologises i did not mean to offend, just due to my timezone being very different i thought two heads may be better than one idea. No offence to you guys or g2g both great sites, thanks..Please delete this thread then

    As a side note, i "Think" i may have fixed it now, after reading a post saying to try changing the names of EXE files, i have managed to run malwarebytes now and its removed "Vundo" ? so heres hoping.

    Thanks and apologises
  4. Blind Dragon

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    No offense - I have just seen what happens when somebody is helped on multiple forums - so try to prevent it when possible - just make sure you follow their advice thoroughly
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