MalwareWipe 4.0 + SpyAxe 3.0?

By FlipPy
Feb 3, 2008
  1. gday, im not a pro at this stuff although i have followed instructions on here to delete viruses n stuff before. anyways.

    when ever you log on 'MalwareWipe 4.0 and 'SpyAxe 3.0' pop up and scan the computer. iv hade things like these happen to me before n they where viruses that if you clicked on them you would get more viruses, so i havent clicked on these ones 'Malwarewipe 4.0 and spyaxe 3.0' incase they are also virus's.

    so im asking, are they virus's? should i delete them? or are they actually good?

    if i SHOULD delete them, could you please show how to :)

    also, this computer is pretty old and thanks to family are full of music and pictures, so it runs rather slow, and logging on usually takes 5-10 mins, is there a good program that deletes un wanted stuff besides control panel? iv already used CCleaner.

    any help, advice ro any feedback would be appreciated, cheers.
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