Many games that previously worked will not start

By Kt3mplar
Jun 21, 2006
  1. Recently, I began having a problem with many of the games I used to play.
    Firstly, Counterstrike:Source would open the loading window, which would quickly shut down, without any CSS to speak of.
    Then, I tried America's Army, and it wouldn't work, which is odd. I have played both these games for well over a year and a half. Then, I tried to install and play Thief-Deadly Shadows, and it has the same general type of arrow, where it initalizes, but then it's engine/app promptly shuts down without beginning to play. I can't find any event that could possible have initiated this strange chain of failures...Now it seems, possible, that COD2 is about to start doing the same thing....
    I posted about this somewhere else before, and someone recommended that I reinstall Windows XP (I have full owner/admin privileges by the way)....
    I have updated ALL drivers, cleaned out all old drivers completely, removed all sorts of suspicious registries, cleaned out my hard drive of latent, unused files, run disk cleanup and defrag...I am this |---|
    short of reformatting, but I don't have my XP install disk, so I can't really do that, and it sucks...I wish I could. Does anybody have any suggestions short of full reinstall? I don't wanna do system restore either, if I can help it, but if I absolutely had to, I would. On a separate note, Men of Valor and Myst IV won't install at all, and my internet speed is about 1/3 the speed of RoadRunner's average, despite the fact that I have full bandwidth package.

    If anyone needs dxdiag info, post about it, but I leave for Italy for two weeks on the 28th.
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