Many worm virus and rootkit problems

By llanddh
Jan 25, 2006
  1. There are multiple problems with my fiance's computer at home. She started with a trojan virus which she got rid of but there was a rofl.sys file she could not get rid of. She followed the instructions to delete the rootkit virus exactly as described by RealBlackStuff and now she is having more problems than ever. Can someone help? puke:

    To describe what is happening, here is her conversation with me this morning:

    Loretta: tell them i used adaware, spybot and avast! and I cant control the pop ups long enough to get housecall logged on
    donnen70: ok
    Loretta: then i opened extra tabs for the pop ups so they wouldnt interfere-but then housecalls doesnt seem to be doing anything, just goes idle
    donnen70: k
    Loretta: but i did run it yesterday and still had rootkit, and some other worm viruses and i do not know what to delete from the hijack log
    Loretta: almost ready to throw the computer out the window

    If that doesn't describe her frustration level, I don't know what will. :hotbounce
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