masscool usb 2.0 dvd drive enclosure not recognized by winxp pro

By darthchad
May 28, 2006
  1. I just bought a masscool 520u usb 2.0 dvd drive enclosure, i have windows xp pro on my hp 5000v laptop, laptop has usb 1.1, the enclosure says it is backwards compatable, the drive is not showing up in system management or my computer, i have 4 virtual drives assigned to drive E:, F:,G:, and H:. i have uninstalled all usb drivers from laptop and restarted, then after fully restarting plugged usb drive in and it installs drivers but installs 3 sets of the same driver in device manager and then there is a universal serial bus controller with a question mark under other devices. I am going to try to uninstall all of the usb drivers including the one in other devices and will restart and reinstall and see if that fixes it, then i will try a spare harddrive in the same enclosure and see if that is recognized...Past that are there any suggestions you might all have?
  2. iss

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    it might be that the controller of your usb enclosure is not compaitable with your chipset. I have seen that happen before.
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