Maxtor D740X-6L IDE-> USB adapter question

  1. ive got a sata/ide to usb 2.0 adapter im using to bridge an old maxtor harddrive. Problem is it wants to be formated. can't be explored etc.

    any suggestions?

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  2. bushwhacker

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    It might be already damaged when you are trying to re-use it.

    Did you check the health status of the hard drive? You might be able to check them, using the third party, such as HDD Health.

    Download directly from here. Click Me!

    I have been using this handy tool on few of my older hard drives in my rigs. Just remember to run it as administrator, else it'll not be able to communicate with your hard drive(s).

    Edited: Your attempt on bridging the old hard drive to USB might be visible to HDD Health drive listings as well...

    You might also want to google on files recovery programs too, as there's a few easter eggs out there.
  3. LookinAround

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    I'm confused by the screen shot in your first post (or maybe i'm forgetting something) but your Disk Management snapshot shows two disks (in the lower pane). /* start EDIT */ I see an unformatted partition on Disk 0 but Disk 0 must be your internal disk. And Disk 1 shows its already formatted NTFS?? /* end edit */

    Are you saying Windows is prompting you to format yet a 3rd disk?? Cuz your DM snapshot only shows 2 disks are detected by Disk Management and both already seem formatted.

    Is the USB adapter connecting to yet a 3rd disk? Are you seeing all your disks appear in Device Manager?

    If the drive is at least being detected, then do try the tools/file recovery bushwhacker recommends.

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