Media Center after Service Pack 2

By gavinseabrook
Mar 19, 2007
  1. I have a client that I helped perform the update to SP2. The one problem is that when he tries to go to watch "Live TV", he gets a fatal error and the computer reboots itself. I checked and they stated a problem with older versions of direct X, but after an update, same problem happens. Im wondering if it is a problem with the tuner card (yet pre SP2, or if SP2 is removed, it works fine). Any suggestions?
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    There seems to be a ton of problems with applying SP2 to a previously working Media Center computer. My suggestion is to reinstall any DVD playing software you have, as that might have Media Center realize there is an mpeg2 decoder it can use (lots of media center problems are because of codec conflicts around mpeg2). I'd also upgrade to the latest .NET version.
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    Actually, I instructed my client to get an update for his tuner card at Windows Update and now it work. Stupid card! lol
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