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By Barganman04
Oct 14, 2009
  1. Hello Tech Crew...

    In my home I am creating a wireless media network (802.11n) with a central server which will host audio and video content. This is on hold currently...

    Seperately, I currently have an older PC(athalon 64 processor, SDRam, Asus Motherboard, soundblaster 4 sound card, ATi All in one wonder video card, ATX form factor etc...).

    I am looking to take that PC and replace as many or as little pieces of hardware necessary to convert it to a Media PC which will have HD TV inputs, HDMI video output, High Quality Audio Output (5.1 Surround sound), a blu-ray reader etc.

    I will use this connected to my 32" 1080p LCD TV to 1. Access media (Stored and Blu-Ray) and play in HD (On board for now...eventually from the network) 2. Play Netflix Movies 3. Record HDTV fed in from my Digital Cable box 4. Surf the internet and play simple games 5. Word processing

    Any suggestions on hardware configs? Am I better scraping (Or otherwise using this PC and purchasing a Mini-ITX unit? Any ideas / help / thoughts / experience will be appreciated!
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