Media Player Classic crashing

By trodas
Feb 17, 2009
  1. I have weird problem. In one of my older recapped computers (JetWay V266B ) I having weird problems with Media Player Classic. It keep crashing on start, even when I deleted the *.ini file with prefs. Even different versions, including the latest. Version (Unicode) - because of the bink support:


    Or the version


    I tried recently even the latest betaversion with the very same result...

    The machine using AXP 2800+ Barton CPU, it is 100% Prime CPU/RAM/PWM tested stable and does not crash at all. Not even overclocked much higher that I run it day by day.
    Using Windows 2000 SP4 Czech with FFDshow installed (ffdshow_20071119.exe) and also with WMF9_dist.exe installed.

    Tried regsvr32 quartz.dll to make GSpot happy to did not complain, tough no change with the Media Player Classic problem. Using BSplayer w/o troubles - except for mpeg1 video, but that it likely not related problem.
    SSE enabled in the BIOS on the AXP CPU. No idea what went FUBAR. Any suggestions where to look?
  2. raybay

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    So this is Media Player on a Windows 2000 machine?
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