Megashares Issues anyone else?

By Samstoned
Jul 19, 2007
  1. I am one of a growing crowd of people
    who bought into megashares file archiving
    I wanted a place to put recovered data for clients to download
    well I issued some complaints that fell on deaf ears
    went to paypal and file a complaint immediately got a respose from Megashares
    very rude and basicly your stuck
    except now not only did they keep my money ,but they cancelled my membership as well
    if your thinking about joining this place DON"T
    they just made me there PR man from HELL
  2. jwmghf

    jwmghf TS Rookie

    Megashare screwed me too!!!

    Same problem here. I bought a 500 download link card from them and one day with over 200 downloads left my account went missing. I e-mailed support@megashares. I did get one quick response saying, "I see that you changed your pin on this date at this time."

    That's was a crock of xxxx!!! So I answered the e-mail and asked them to forward me my new pin. That was the last correspondence I had with them. I must have sent 10 other e-mails each spaced a few days apart. I never got a response. I will also report them to paypal and I will never use there service again.

    There are lots of file hosting companies out there today. Do yourself justice and use any other than megashares!!!! They will steal from you.
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