Memory for Dell Inspiron 1100

By r3faat
Aug 18, 2008
  1. i really have no knowledge about laptops.
    i just got this laptop called Dell inspiron 1100(its old i know) and im not too sure on
    what kind of memory i need.(i want to upgrade).

    i been thinking this


    Only problem is it says my supported Frequencies are 100,133mhz. and my current memory cards are 133mhz. im not sure if 266Mhz memory are gona work on my laptop. any suggestion or help is appreciated. Also i couldnt find a lot of pc2100 memory with 133mhz.
    Edit - Dell inspiron 1100 support 200pin memory right ?
    Thanks everyone
  2. r3faat

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    anyone has a idea ? wanting to purchase the memory asap. but cant until im sure.
  3. CCT

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  4. the grip

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    I recently upgraded my memory in my dell inspiron 1100 and used 2 sticks of 512mb DDR DIMM PC2100 133mHz. This added a gig of memory which is the most you can put in it. I did alot of research first and this was the memory that was compatable. Also extremely easy to install yourself. Good luck I hope it works for you. Also If you plan on doing anything with it you might want to upgrade your harddrive since it only has a 30gig harddrive in it standard.
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