Mhz are kind of wierd

By Nemes
Jul 31, 2007
  1. Okay, I bought a dell latitdude D800 from a friend and at first it was 1.6 MHz, 600 MHz, 1gb of ram which is what i wanted. But recently the MHz has changed down to 221. I searched all over google and saw a bunch of topics about overclocking, but as most of you know its a bad idea to overclock a notebook. IF not impossible.

    So i figured i should get a new ram stick and saw a local store had a sale on the DDR 1 gig, 333mhz ram stick, so i bought it. The first time i put it in it was reading 1.6 MHz, 1.59 GHz, 1.50 GIGz. (yes i know i'm not suppose to run a 512 MB, 333MHz ram stick with a 1 GIG, 333mhz ram stick. But i did it anyway.) But ever since that day its back down to 1.6 MHz, 221 MHz, 1.50 GIG.

    I believe it has to do with my actual motherboad since my mothers ram didnt change it one bit. She has 2 512 MB 333mhz ram sticks in her notebook. And her notebook blows mine away in FPS on my game.

    The whole reason i want faster speed is for a game i play and its really choppy. On this notebook its clocked at 1 to 13 FPS (frames per seconds). And my mothers is closer to 30.

    Anyway i went into device manager, and i unistalled my processor and restart my notebook, and have a program called SwitchSpeedXP running at start. It brings it back up to 599 MHz. However, when i start my game it goes back to 221 MHz.

    I highly doubt i has to do with my video card because it use to be faster, but just for giggles its a NVidia GeForce 4200.

    I kind of know basic PC things, but not notebooks. So, any help anyone can provide me will be great.

    P.S. sorry for the long post ^^
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