Mic problem with Realtek High Def. audio

By zefunny
Dec 25, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    My microphones aren't working with the Realtek sound card, I've tried different mics including a brand new one and the build in one on the laptop. I've also searched Google for the common problems and can't seem to find any answers.

    The drivers are up to date, the microphone is enabled and set as default in the sounds panel and volume turned up to full.

    My mics have worked in the past (about a year or so ago now). They also work with old drivers dating back to 2005 that are installed when I click roll back drivers in the sound options, but the sound quality makes my ears bleed, so that isn't an option.

    Mic isn't working with Realtek sound card, tried everything.
  2. cheeryabc

    cheeryabc TS Member Posts: 26

    Firstly,do make sure your mic is workable(try on another PC);
    Secondly,please uninstall your audio driver in control panel->programs and features->realtek ...(if your PC using Windows 7 OS)
    then try your mic: if could work normally with MS inbox audio driver,you know, that maybe you didn't install the right audio driver for you PC or do right setting for your mic;
    otherwise that would be bad news your audio chip on mother board maybe damaged.

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