Microphone problems

By pkay227
Jun 16, 2008
  1. I dont know what I did or what happened but something is wrong with the input/output selections of my microphone. It all started when I was talking to my guild on vent and they said they can hear everything that happens on my computer whenever I talk. I confirmed this when i went to control panel > sounds and audio devices > voice > test hardware. I got to the 2nd step where it repeats what you say and it just echoes over and over like 15 times.

    Clearly something is wrong and I cannot seem to find the solution. Im using a pretty cheap Gigaware Mic and I have a Realtek Audio card. However, im pretty sure its software related (like some config or setting) rather than a hardware problem.
  2. Balious

    Balious TS Rookie

    I pretty much have the same problem. I also have a realtek audio card. Im pretty sure its not the microphone cause it happens also when its not plugged in. Heres an example:
    Im on teamspeak with other people and if someone talks to me on xfire and it makes that beep noise it would also be played to anyone im with on teamspeak.

    Is there a fix to this bug? thanks for all the help.
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