Microphone volume is too low

By Vollezar
Mar 23, 2013
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  1. I have sold my computer yesterday and told the person to contact me if there are any issues. She did.
    Apparently she is having issues that her microphone volume, both the one with webcam and the headphones, is too low. She said that she checked the settings in the audio control panel and everything was fine there.
    I know it isn't a hardware issue because I did not have the same issue in either Windows 7 or Windows 8 on that computer. Before I gave the PC to her I did do a clean install of Windows 8.
    I told her to install the Realtek drivers to see if that would fix the issue, but I am wondering if anyone else had that issue and what they'd done to fix it.

    It's a built-in audio chipset Realtek ALC 887 on an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
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  3. Vollezar

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    Thank You. I'll update as it goes.
  4. Vollezar

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    So far she has removed and reinstalled the drivers for both the audio card and video card. I told her to remove the AMD HD audio drivers because I remember I had an issue with those drivers conflicting with the realtek drivers.
    She also tried the both links JC713 recommended. Audioplayback fix wouldn't even, but AudioRecording fix ran and told her everything should be working just fine. It isn't. She told me that her webcam's microphone seems to work as people could here her over Skype, but the microphone she plugs into the motherboard output is very very quiet.

    We are both very stumped. I used that computer about a month ago to make couple of recordings and everything worked just fine.
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    are there any FN keys she could of pressed? Like FN+down for lowering volume? I havent had issues with AMD HD Audio and Realtek.
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    You might try to see if the board & card has updated drivers or if you did that prior to giving it to her see if you can find the original older drivers for both. If the board has an on board video chip uninstall video and audio drivers reboot after each driver install begin with the on-board audio- video reboot check sound then install video card drivers check sound reboot install the audio card and drivers reboot check sound ... if conflict at this point remove the the Amd drivers..

    The point is the sequence in which you do it (old school pre 98 hardware solutions) the duplication of hardware install sequence in which you first got it to work correctly.... if the computer is close by I would do it yourself at your home if you sold this pc. Havering the person do this will just get them upset confused and want to return it.... just tossing my hat into the ring gl

    Ps. if you have a web cam and mic try it with yours as you cant rule out her cam drivers are not creating the conflict with the video audio card (so be sure to uninstall her cam )
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    Perhaps try adjusting the Microphone Boost to see whether that helps.


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