Microphone woes

By Duckies
Jul 13, 2008
  1. Hello everyone!

    I recently bought a Soundking EC010B condenser microphone, and an ART Mic Preamp to go with it, and I've tried to connect it to my PC on and off for a few weeks (I give up, get back to it, give up again, etc.)

    Basically, the microphone and the preamp work great when I connect them to my guitar amp - I get crystal clear sound (or as crystal clear as it can get, it's an old buggered amp ^_^). I connect it to my MacBook's line in/mic and record a few vocals in GarageBand, works just fine. But then when I connect it to my PC, regardless of it being line in or the microphone input, I get nothing but quiet static if anything at all. I've checked all the cables and connections, and they are exactly like they should be, but I just don't get any sound. The strange thing is that when I plug in my PC headset's microphone, it records audio just fine.

    I'm hopelessly lost here, and I just can't find any logic in this. To sum it up: My new mic works on my MacBook, but not on my PC (line in/mic input - no difference). My headset works on both my MacBook and my PC.

    I'm currently using the onboard soundcard on an ASUS P5Q-E (HD Audio thingie), and nothing other than this inability to record through my new mic seems to be wrong.

    Yesterday I got the microphone working through the mic input on the front panel of my case, but today it's back to not working. I tried reconnecting everything, still no luck. It still works on my MacBook, and my headset microphone still works on my PC.

    Help :(
  2. TC Machine

    TC Machine TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Have you changed the recording on the volume control? The playback comes up and you have to go to Options to look at your recording set-up.
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