Microsoft slashes price of Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on

By Maikeru
Dec 5, 2007
  1. News courtesy of BetaNews


    I think it's a great step in the right direction, but I don't think it's enough to persuade people to suddenly hop on the HD DVD bandwagon.
  2. you use a 286

    you use a 286 TS Rookie Posts: 63

    XBOX awesome
  3. jtickner1

    jtickner1 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 650

    Most people that have a 360 use the Blu-Ray argument against people that have a PS3 saying that it makes it so expensive and it's so unnecessary, yet i bet half the people that say that are going to go buy one of these, and it can only read HD DVD Video, not game discs, so ahhhhhhhhhhahaha when all your games are limited by size in the near future.
  4. Blind Dragon

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    Through Black Friday, approximately 2.7 million Blu-ray players have been sold, including PlayStation 3 consoles. On the other hand, about 750,000 HD DVD players have made it into consumers' hands, for the most part set-top boxes.

    That says a lot.

    Microsoft should just start giving them out, cause they know like everyone else that its not the future
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