Microsoft SoundWave is a Kinect without the camera

By Shawn Knight
May 8, 2012
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  1. Microsoft has been a pioneer in gesture control with their Kinect motion sensing device but a new venture from a Microsoft Research project team aims to essentially do the same...

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  2. Raswan

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    The thing about this software, is that you need Silence!! ill kill iu!

    My physics teacher during collage did something like this but the range was incredible small, so if you are going to stay really close to the device... why not use the keys?

    You are wasting CPU resources to do something almost native on a PC....
  4. @Raswan, so you are saying that 3 quarters of a century ago someone was using sound to control a computer? cause this is what this article is about. using sound and touchless input to control a computer. unless theremin was used with that in mind I cannot understand your point. and microsoft technology is based on the doppler shift.. guess what, the doppler effect was first proposed on 1842..
  5. Raswan

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    I'm saying the underlying principles are generally the same, and all they've added is some software capable of translating those data into something the computer can execute, so let's not go all gung-ho about the Microsoft research team. Anyone who watched the launch of the Kinect saw how much the homebrew explosion and mods surprised Microsoft; they had no idea their (in my opinion) vanilla idea just happened to have the right ingredients to be applied in so many other cool ways. They've just been riding that wave for the last 18 months.

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