Microsoft tip leads to the arrest of a suspected child predator

By Shawn Knight
Aug 7, 2014
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  1. A few days ago we brought you a story regarding a Houston man who was arrested after Google tipped off authorities regarding possible child pornography in his Gmail account. Now it's Microsoft's turn as the Redmond-based company recently worked with...

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  2. Great! another pedo caught by using a free service that he agreed to the ToS to. (y)
  3. I suppose it depends on the details. Don't forget that a 17-year old sending a picture that shows a nipple is still "child porn".
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  4. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    It makes my day when I hear about pedo's getting caught. Take them outside and shoot them.
  5. @Skidmarksdeluxe, and being a murderer is so much better because? They shall all have their fundamental rights to a fair trial - thiefs, pedos, murders, whatever and nomatter what.
    People that think otherwise, that themselves are above the law and that two criminal acts can make up for one, are just as bad as any wrongdoer.
    You know, judges sometimes makes mistakes. It has happened, and it certainly will again. Still, a fair trial is our very best tool and filter to expose the full truth and bring important facts to the table that we as a society can learn from. By ignoring a suspect fundamentally rights, thinking you already have all the facts and can just use your gun and execute people, you are harming the society even if you think otherwise.
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  6. Jamesbrah

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    This is true. The fact that it was transferred by Kik, and that he was only in his twenties, the likelihood of the man in question exchanging nudes or whatever with a teenager of 16-17 is much more probably than actual foul play.

    Sure, by definition of the law - it's illegal and classified as child pornography.. but not everything is black and white, and I do not agree with the outcome of the situation.
  7. Frank Barnett

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  8. Frank Barnett

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    ^^^what ever !!!
    Skidmarks don't forget to Reload

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