Mini SD (Kingston 256) Cannot be Read/Formatted

By glenni
Jul 22, 2006
  1. I have a Kingston 256Mb Mini SD which I purchased for my Nokia 6280 Mobile phone.It was working ok until I deceided to use phone's memory card password option, BAD MOVE :dead: . Since I did this, the card is un-readable and cannot be read or formatted in windows 2000. I understand NOW that the Nokia phone is not fully compatible with with non Nokia mini SD's!!! Is there any way the Mini SD can be restored, I dont mind if the data is lost. Thank you..
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  3. fastco

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    Let us know if that worked?!!
  4. glenni

    glenni TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried this but, no go I'm afraid. I have tried using KILLDISK and it has cleaned the disk but reports an error '[255] reading sector 0 on 83h'. This sector is obviously an important one it must have been damaged by the Nokia 6280 Phone somehow. I did think though that the card could be retrieved somehow, but it seems not. Ubless you have any more ideas..
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  6. glenni

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    I did try this procedure but it did not work, I did say this at the start of my first reply. It was because your process did not work why I tried KILLDISK..Thanks.
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