Monitor goes black after a couple days of use

By aarondoyel
Oct 16, 2010
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  1. I run dual monitors on my computer when i connect the second one it works great for a couple of days and then goes black i cant get it back on the power buttons light does not come on if someone has a suggestion on anything to try that would be great. It is a Samsung if that helps at all.
  2. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    I have had issues with monitor power cause unlike the vga/dvi connector there is no screw holders to hold the power cord in. And since lcd monitors typically plug upwards into the back they can come loose. I actually had a single lcd that stopped working and all I did was slide it a little from one position on the table to another (it wasn't on at the time). It was days before I realized the power cord was in far enough to light the little green power light, but not enough to power the screen. Once I pushed it all the way back up, it worked fine.

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