Monitor goes into Standby mode when entering games * PLZ HELP *

By Malrubius
Nov 12, 2005
  1. Ok, I consider myself pretty good with computers. I have fixed my parents, friends, strangers computers for years now. This one though is starting to worry me. I am going to go into great detail, in hopes someone can help me out.
    Just recently ( Nov 10, 2k5 ) when I was playing CS:S (after new steam platform update), i had been playing for about 45 minutes, then my monitor went to standby mode, and looping sounds happened for about 15-20 seconds then stopped. After nothing happened for awhile, i restarted and while in post it said my overclocking failed (2.0 to 2.2, A64 3200+ Claw), I ignored it and went into windows. Started to play CS:S again and within 30 seconds same thing happened. I tried to restart again but monitor did not come on this time, and 1 beep occured. I then shut down my comp completely then turned it back on. This time no OC'ing message and everything was going normal. I tried quake 3 for a min or two and everything was fine. (I thought all this was happening b/c of Steam, but its in almost all of my games). I then tried different games such as Painkiller, UT2004, Warhammer: Winter Assault, HL2 Lost coast etc., all made monitor go to standby (with the sound looping issue as well) when entering. So, ok must be a driver issue right? Nope. I updated my vidcard drivers for my 6600GT AGP to newest (81.85). Still no luck. I updated my videocards BIOS, no luck (and took away my temp monitoring :mad: ). Then I reinstalled DirectX 9.0c, no Luck, turned my Video card settings to default (500/900), no luck. I even set my BIOS to all default. As you guessed it, no luck. This ONLY happens when I try and enter a game. I can browse internet, use MS Office and defrag and listen to music/watch movies all day. My temperatures for my cpu/hdd/vga are all within normal temps (cpu 35C idle, vga 43C idle, HDD slightly warm to touch) I also did system restore as a last resort but of course didn't work out. I really don't want to format, as that would take a LOT of time to backup everything. Anyhelp would be REALLY APRECIATED. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    BTW my setup
    Thermaltake Armor Case
    Asus K8V-SE Deluxe with 754 3200+ Claw
    2x512 Cas 3 crap ram
    430W Thermaltake
    MSI 6600GT AGP (was 600/1200 b4 this all happend ;) )
    Pioneer 16x DVD Burner
    1x 200Gb 8meg SATA HDD Maxtor
    1x 200Gb 16meg Pata HDD Maxtor
    1x 120Gb 8meg Pata HDD Maxtor (Boot Drive)
    Audigy 2 ZS Plat.
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