Monitor trouble...well actually it might be my computer.

By ccricket88
Sep 26, 2005
  1. Yeah so I just got my computer reformatted and brought it home. I hooked it up and everything seemed to be working. However after I plugged everything in I remembered I need to download a driver for my Linksys wireless adapter. In order to do this I needed to unhook everything and bring my computer downstairs to the other computer. When i brought it down I unhooked everything from a different computer and hooked it up the the one that needs the driver. I go to turn it on and the the monitor says there is no signal. I thought, ok..thats wierd. So I brought the monitor from upstairs down because It was just hooked up and I knew that it worked. ...No i hooked that monitor up and it said the monitor worked but there was no signal. Just to be sure the monitor was ok i hooked it up to the old computer and it worked fine on that but not the computer I just got reformatted and had working just minutes before. If you unstold anything what I just said and Have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Its driving me crazy!!! and doesn't seem ot make any sense to me.
  2. aMdalltheway

    aMdalltheway TS Rookie

    you should pull the vga out of the computer and then put it back in it migght fix it my computer has done that a few times (if you have a vga)
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