Monitoring usage of two different ISPs on the same PC

By ravisunny2
Jul 9, 2012
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  1. I have one ISP to which I connect via the Ethernet card and an ADSL modem.
    Netmeter does a good job of showing the upload & download speeds, and the upload & download usage.
    I am planning to use a usb dongle from another ISP, on the same PC.
    Is there any way I can monitor their usage separately?
  2. ravisunny2

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    Regarding the issue of monitoring two different ISPs, rather than experiment, I've taken the easy way out.

    While a single instance of Networx does provide statistics for the two different ISPs, I do not know whether it can provide all the usage stats separately for both ISPs.

    I have gone for two instances of monitoring software.

    For both ISPs, I have to use "All Dial-Up Connections", so I can't have both instances of Networx/Netmeter running at the same time.

    Each portable version must be kept in a separate folder and fired up before connecting to the internet.

    Another method is to use two different monitoring softwares, but again only one should be running at a time.

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