Motherboard / Memory Problem

By Ragnorth
Apr 19, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone shed any light on this one.

    I have just bought 2 more sticks of mem to bring the total upto 4gb.
    I have been running with the 2gb, with no problems or issues - existing sticks on mobo in dimm slots 2 and 3.

    Put the 2 new sticks in (slots 0 and 1) and the pc wont post and i get a '1d' error on the mobo led code thing, which is either, and i quote, "Early PM Initialization" or "Init Memory Controller - ProdF - final, ladder and wallclock algorithms"

    The new sticks are the same as the old ones, and if i swop them about, only using slots 2 and 3, the pc works without problems - so all the sticks of mem are ok!
    But if i put anything in slots 0 and / or 1, pc wont work..

    Has anyone had this issue or am i overlooking something, a setting that may need changing?? or has the mobo gone south ?

    System details:
    Mobo: BFG Tech nForce 680i sli
    Mem: OCZ 2P800R22GK
    OS: Vista Home Pre 32

    Any suggestions,
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