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By yEzR
Apr 15, 2007
  1. my motherboard recently fried and i was wondering what type of motherboard i should get.

    I use intel p4 775 socket
    184-pin ram (looking for 4 slots on motherboard, i used to use p5p800)
    and an AGP slot for my video card
  2. Pnazz

    Pnazz TS Rookie

    That is the Mobo I just ordered, it has an AGP and a PCI-e slot so you can upgrade later. Also, the memory will take DDR and DDR2 up to 2GB. It's a 775 Socket as well. This of course is just a suggestion, it had pretty good reviews on newegg and it's like $60. I haven't received or installed it yet but from what I read about it it should do the trick.
  3. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodles TS Rookie Posts: 83

    ive heard alot of bad things about asrock motherboards. Ive never used them, but Ive been told by numerous people to stay away from them. Gigabyte is newer into the market and is definitely a great buy. I use them for the computers I build and have no problems at all. They look and perform great and come with alot of great stuff straight out of the box.
  4. kenm

    kenm TS Rookie

    I've actually heard a lot of bad things about these hybrid boards. I personally have never used one but mixing two different memory technologies is kind of scary in the first place. Then to top it off with two different Graphic slot technologies only adds to the scare factor of this motherboard.
  5. Pnazz

    Pnazz TS Rookie

    I had that thought myself, but it saved me alot of money on buying a new graphics card and memory. If the board goes it was only $60.00, so I'm willing to take the risk I guess. Like I said, the reviews I read on newegg were pretty good, no real complaints at all so I figured I'd give it a shot. This will be my first mobo upgrade that I'm doing myself so I'm hoping it's easy enough.
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